2022 Virtual Scholarship Day Poster Presentation

Incidence, Mortality, and Cost Trends in Non-Ventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia in Medicaid Enrollees, 2015-2019

Quality Improvement Project Utilizing a Comprehensive Toolkit with Individualized Food Label Education and Brief Action Planning for Healthy Food Choices to Reduce the Burden of Chronic Disease Among Black People in the United States

Postpartum Sleep Deprivation and its effects on Mother-infant bonding

Exploring Nursing Students Knowledge and Attitudes towards the LGBTQ Community

Nursing Students' Knowledge of the Effects of Pediatric Hospitalization

College Students' Knowledge of Hand Hygiene

Impact of Exercise on the Mental Health of College Students

COVID-19 and Maternal Mental Health: Preventing Adverse Effects

Escaping Maternity Clinical: An Evaluation of an Innovative Teaching Strategy

Educational Interventions for Symptom Management in People with Heart Failure in Thailand: A Literature Review

IV Smart Infusion Pumps: The Impact of Peripheral Venous Access Device Use on Flow Rate Accuracy

2022 Virtual Scholarship Day Poster Presentation

Diabetes Footcare in a Rural Community: Footcare Education and Outreach